Solar thermal first!

The revision of the European Energy labelling regulations (ErP) is ongoing and will have a big impact on the solar thermal markets in the next few years. Many people think that the underlying rules are made somewhere in a hidden backyard of Brussels which is only partly true: You can participate too.

The European Energy labelling regulations are referring to the European standards. For solar thermal appliances, these are the collector standard, the standards for factory made systems and for custom built systems. If these standards are made such that they provide useful information and reliable performance rating for the ErP, they will be used as basis for the European Energy labelling.

One of the most powerful lever factors to support the solar thermal market is therefore the making of good standards. Maybe even more important than technical innovation.

The same standards are the basis for the Solar Keymark, the European quality mark for all solar thermal products. In the so-called Solar Keymark Network the experts from the industry, the testing laboratories and the certification bodies join two times a year to work for solar thermal sector.

This includes standardisation. Most of the improvements of the standards are initiated and prepared by the Solar Keymark Network, always with the aim to improve the quality of the products and to support a sustainable market development.

To make that work even better, we need much more participation from industry. The Keymark rules allow for up to two industrial representatives from every country, nominated by a national association. If you are involved in the solar thermal industry, you should know who in your country is holding your view in the Solar Keymark Network.

If not, take it in your own hands and get involved in the Solar Keymark Network. You can propose improvements and you can take decisions.

  • Too expensive? No costs for industry participation!
  • What about time? Being active and working on rules requires some of your valuable time, but this is for sure a good investment.

To save money and CO2 industrial representatives can attend the Solar Keymark Network meetings online.

Do you need more information on how to participate and on how to influence the European standards and European legislation?

Join our webinar on Thursday 6th of June 2019 (16:30 to 17:30 CET) to ask us and to learn how to become involved.

We count on you!

Andreas Bohren – Solar Keymark Network Chairman

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