Misuse of the
Solar Keymark Certificate

To protect the added value of the Solar Keymark Certificate, its misuse is prosecuted. In case of suspected misuse of the certification, please act by following one of the next steps:
  • If you find products on the market which are not certified and misuse the Solar Keymark (internet, exhibitions, advertising, etc.), please inform the Keymark Manager Organisation.
  • If you identify certified products not being in conformity with the certificate, please inform the certification body who issued the certificate.
  • In all other cases where you have doubts about certified products or where you have good reasons to assume a misuse of the Solar Keymark, please inform the Solar Keymark Manager.

The bodies listed above will follow up on your concern, clarify the situation and, if required, contact the entity at stake to solve the problem directly. In case we are not able to solve the problem, the CEN Management Center will follow up on the process and take legal action if needed.

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