Certification Scheme Rules

The Solar Keymark Scheme Rules

The overall rules for the Solar Keymark certification scheme follow the general Keymark rules given in the CEN documents below.

CEN/CENELEC Internal Regulations: Part 4 Certification, July 2018 (PDF)

The specific Solar Keymark rules acts as a supplement to the general rules, giving the specific requirements related to the particular Keymark certification of solar thermal products.

SOLAR KEYMARK SKN_N0444R7_SK_Scheme Rules (PDF) / Edition 2024-02-05


The former version of the Scheme Rules including the annex are still available at the Solar KEYMARK website in case the fall back clause will become into effect. This ensures that all third parties and customers can see the former version to make sure that in case of any overlooked error or inconsistency the previous version of the Scheme Rules and Annexes can be applied (i.e. the set of documents that is valid today).

Former version of the Scheme Rules including the annexes – Replaced by SKN_N0444R1 and its Annexes


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