The Solar Keymark aims to reduce trade barriers and promote the use of high quality solar thermal products in the European market and beyond.

Manufacturers that hold the Solar Keymark benefit of simpler testing procedures of their products, only on test valid for all European countries and an easier introduction of new products in different European countries. Those interested to get the certification, have the freedom to choose amongst the accredited labs and longer-term they benefit from simplified procedures for replacing components in certified products. The Solar Keymark can also contribute to a better reputation of your company and enhance the trust of your customers.

How to obtain the Solar Keymark?

All products falling under one of the following European standards can be Solar Keymark certified:

A Solar Keymark can only be issued by an empowered “Certification Body” after the product has been tested by an accredited “Testing laboratory”. The certification body is the organisation responsible for awarding Solar Keymark certificates and the test lab is the organisation responsible for all the testing. To obtain Solar Keymark certification it is essential that the product tested is a sample taken randomly from the current production or stock by an independent inspector.

Find the empowered certification bodies and accredited test labs in Europe on our interactive map.

Furthermore, the production and Quality Management System as implemented at the factory will be checked by an independent inspector on site. The certification bodies are empowered by the CEN Certification Board (CCB). To initiate the Solar Keymark certification process, the best way is to contact one or more certification bodies. The certification body will then advise the customer on the procedure to follow – the first step is usually to fill in an application form.

Registering and comparing certified products in the In the Solar Keymark database, all certified products are listed with the links to the manufacturer’s website and the data sheets of the product’s performance parameters.

The performance measurements and calculations utilise sophisticated mathematical apparatus and provide a model of solar collector’s or system’s behaviour in different conditions. This offers a very powerful tool for comparison of different products and (with respect to other facts like the prices, availability of the products, references about their manufacturers, etc.) gives you – or your designer, planner, architect, or developer – a good chance to choose the really best fitting solution for your specific needs, requirements, and conditions.

Interested to join the Solar Keymark Network?

Manufacturer can join the network for free under certain conditions. If you are interested to join our Solar Thermal experts’ network, please contact us.

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