The Network

Solar Keymark Operating Framework

The Solar Keymark Network is the operative framework around Solar Keymark, and it consists of over 300 stakeholders, the Solar Keymark operators (certification bodies, test labs, inspectors) and industry representatives. 

The end purpose of the network is to maintain and continuously improve the certification mark, evaluation procedures, and finally, ensure high qualitative solar thermal products for consumers.

“The Solar Keymark reduces drastically the administrative and financial burden associated with testing, certification and related administrative procedures. In the past, prior to the introduction of the Solar Keymark, we used to test and certify each product in each country separately. This created a tremendous amount of work which was both costly and time consuming. As an international company, we can benefit from savings on testing and certification thanks to the adoption of the flexible system “testing & certification”, which deals in particular with system “families”. Indeed, if a manufacturer produces the “same” system in different sizes, these are now considered to be of the same type (within the same “family”); the different sizes of the system being sub-types.”

Rob Meesters