Solar Certification Fund:3rd call

The European Solar Certification Fund (SCF) has launched its third call for project proposals.

The 3rd SCF call asks for project proposals on specific subjects

  1. Promotion of Solar Keymark
    Acronym: SK-Promo
  2. Reference weather data database for Solar Keymark testing and certification purposes. To be available for free via the Solar Keymark website
    Acronym: SK-Database
  3. Support to IEA-SHC Task 43: Solar rating and certification
    Acronym: T43Sup
  4. Proposal for elaborating and implementing a Global Certification scheme for solar collectors
    Acronym: GlobCert
  5. Follow-up activities on Legionella issue
    Acronym: Legio
  6. Follow-up process of revision of “EPBD-standards” and active participation in project team for revision/improvement of EN 15316-4-3
    Acronym: EPBD
  7. Liaison officers of TC 164, TC 128, TC 228 and TC 371
    Acronym: LiasTCxxx-12 (Note: xxx is the number of the corresponding TC)
  8. Energy labelling with regard to promotion and awareness raising
    Acronym: Elab12
  9. Extension of the existing solar collector energy output calculation tool to air collectors
    Acronym: AirCoOut
  10. Automatic Solar Keymark collector data sheet generation with respect to inclusion of annual performance figures
    Acronym: SKAuto
  11. Quality assurance aspects related to heat pipes, could e.g. include: investigation of freeze resistance testing of heat pipes performing a round-robin test related to freeze resistance testing of heat pipes
    Acronym: HPQual
  12. Elaboration of flexible scheme rules for inter-changeability of collector components.
    Acronym: FlexColCert
  13. Development of scheme rules for the certification of absorber coatings related to the upcoming EN12975-3-1
    Acronym: AbsCert
  14. Information about CE-marking of solar collectors – target group manufacturers
    Acronym: CEInfo
  15. Estimation of uncertainty of determined collector and system performance
    Acronym: Uncert
  16. Measures to harmonise the qualification requirements for inspectors and test labs
    Acronym: HarmReq
  17. Revision of specification for requirements for installers and user manuals
    Acronym: InstReq
  18. Administration of SCF administrative secretariat technical secretary
    Acronym: SCF-Sec12
  19. Any other good and relevant ideas Acronym: to be determined by proposer

Furthermore other projects related to the support of certification and standardisation, as well as promotion of solar thermal technology can be handed in.

The Third Call  for proposals closed on 31 January 2012