Solar Keymark across Europe

Solar Keymark is recognised in Europe and beyond. Governments recognise the certification as a useful tool to ensure end-consumers get qualitative products, as such it is required by several public authorities as an eligibility criteria for public support schemes.

Are you curious about the support schemes including Solar Keymark in your country? What about empowered Certification Bodies or Testing Laboratories that can facilitate the process of getting the Solar Keymark for your products?

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Misuse of the
Solar Keymark Certificate

To protect the added value of the Solar Keymark Certificate, its misuse is prosecuted.


The Solar Keymark Database comprises information about all the valid licenses issued for solar thermal collectors and systems.


The Solar Keymark was created to certify high quality solar thermal products available in Europe. The aim is to reduce trade barriers and promote the use of high quality solar thermal products in the European market and beyond. The certification mark has multiple benefits, such as assuring end-consumers that the products are fully tested according to the relevant standards, allowing manufacturers to introduce new products in different European countries.


The Solar Keymark Network is the operative framework around Solar Keymark, and it consists of certification bodies, test labs, inspectors, and industry representatives.

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