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WG_M10_CB_Certification Bodies

WG_M10_CB_”Certification Bodies” was established with the scope to have internal discussions related to the certification procedure, the relevant documents and other accreditation related subjects to ensure the
confidence in the Solar KEYMARK. It also under the responsibility of this WG the reporting on the collection of the fees and the creation/update of FAQ in SKN site  related to SKN invoicing.

Members of WG: S. Scholz (chair), representatives from all CBs who are empowered by CCB to grant the Solar KEYMARK

WG_M24.D8_Thermodynamic solar collectors and systems

WG_M24.D8_”Thermodynamic solar collectors and systems ” was established with the scope to define the so-called “Thermodynamic” systems and collectors and to prepare a proposal for a resolution to amend properly the SK Scheme Rules. 

Members of WG: A. Bohren (chair), H. Drück, H.Poscharnig, G. Clech, S. Fischer, S. Mehnert, O. Mogro, M. Del Varas, P. Dias, C. Travasaros.

WG_M24.D12_SK Database

WG_M24.D12 – “Establish Solar Keymark Database WG” was established with the scope to succesfully implement the new Solar Keymark database.

Members of WG:  G. van Amerongen (chair), A. Bohren, S. Scholz, H. Poscharnig, I. Alexiou, P. Dias

WG_M27.D5_SK Access procedure

WG_ 27.D5_”SK Access procedure” was established with the scope to clarify the process on granting access to the new SKN database.

Members of WG: S. Scholz (chair), P. Dias, S. Fischer, A. Bohren, S. Mehnert, G. van Amerongen, I. Alexiou, Th. Althaus.

WG_M28.D4_Small SKN entities meeting’s attendance obligations

WG_M28.D4_”Small SKN entities meeting’s attendance obligations” is established with the scope to prepare and present a relevant proposal to the next (29th) SKN meeting, for consideration in SKN IRs regarding the attendance obligations of small SKN entities.

Members of WG: S.Scholz (chair), J.Barancik, N. Kanatsoulis, S. Babalis, A. Bohren, M. Zemko, I. Alexiou, V. Drosou

WG_M28.D7_IAM and optical properties

WG_M28.D7 _”IAM and optical properties” was established with the scope to work on comparability of testing procedures, evaluation models as well as testing quality between different test labs with respect to incidence angle behaviour. Moreover it is in the scope of this WG any issue relevant to ScenoCalc for fixed tilt and/or an asymmetrical IAM.

Members of WG: U. Fritzsche (chair), S. Fischer (co-chair), S. Babalis, S. Mehnert, S. Fischer, A. García De Jalón,  C. Lampe,  J. Facão, S. Abrecht, G.v.Amerongen, S. Babalis  A. Bohren, V. Drosou.

WG_M29.D8_Expedite check procedure

WG_M29.D8_”Expedite check procedure” was established with the scope to discuss options for expedite check procedure.

Members of WG: V. Drosou (chair), S. Fischer, S. Abrecht, S. Scholz, P. Dias, C. Travasaros, A. Bohren

WG_M29.D10_ SKN Strategy

WG_M29.D10_ “SKN Strategy” was established with the scope to work on strategic questions of SKN. It is expected that the WG meets at least 1-2 times between SKN meetings and is coming up with proposals to the SKN covering at least:
i. improving the quality of the SK Scheme
ii. improving the financial situation of the SK Scheme
iii. extension of the SK Scheme to new products and to new markets
Members of WG: A. Bohren (chair), H. Drück, S. Scholz, V. Drosou, L. Mico, P.D ias, G.v.Amerongen, I. Alexiou, K. Kramer.

WG_M29.D11_ “SKN Marketing and Communication”

WG_M29.D11_ “SKN Marketing and Communication” was established with the scope to work on:
i. updating SKN Webpage
ii. supporting the work on the new webpage
iii. communication plan of the SKN
Members of WG: L. Mico (chair), S. Scholz, A. Bohren, O. Mogro, A. Sutu, V. Drosou, I. Alexiou.

WG_M30.D6_Factory made systems

WG_M30.D6_”Factory made systems” was established with the scope to clarify the situation with respect to non-separable thermosiphon systems with evacuated tube collectors and the basis to make/handle families and to work on a strategy to overcome this Spirkl situation.
Members of WG: A. Bohren (Head will be decided in the first meeting that will be convened by AB), S. Fischer, S. Mehnert,  J. Facão, G. van Amerongen, U. Fritzsche, S. Martin, D. Bernacchioni, C. Zhao, S. Babalis I. Förster.


WG_M30.D7_”AHEECS” is established in order to deal with air heat exchangers, evaporation collectors and similar products.
Members of WG: A. Bohren (Head), S. Fischer, S. Mehnert, I. Förster, C. Lampe, H. Drück

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